I investigates the relationship between people and the environment that surrounds them, focusing my work on the subject of cities, which is prominent in my production. There are places, such as the interior parts of train stations, underground stations, airports and squares, defined as the main “non-places” in a city by sociologist Marc Augè, with big streams of people who do not really meet every day. They are spaces set for multiple uses, anonymous and stereotyped where the frenzied impermanence is emphasized by maps in the background, which can be interpreted as destinations to reach. Through a color range of expressionist inspiration the portrayed figures appear as being without identity and immersed in solitude determined by the short passage between the tracks and the exteriors. I describes through painting the concept of speed arising from the rhythm of our times, using a metropolitan landscape which he previously visited and photographed in person. I conveys on canvas my own experience as a tireless traveller. My pieces of art aim to show the present and be an active part of it, by immersing in the rhythm of society, they go beyond the result of working only in a studio.


2001 – 2005 | Fine art academy of Brera, Milano
1996 – 2000 | Art school Giovanni Manzoni, Bergamo

2022 Texĕre | SCD Studio, Perugia
2022 Extended version | Raffaella De Chirico Arte Contemporanea, Torino
2021 So far, so close | Raffaella De Chirico Arte Contemporanea @ Showroom Dielle Ceramiche, Bergamo
2021 Note senza testo | Manuel Zoia gallery, Verona
2020 RAR 2015-2020 | Raffaella De Chirico Arte Contemporanea, Torino
2018 Deep Surfaces | Name1 London Art Gallery @ Chateu Gutsch, Luzern
2017 Paesaggio Immaginale | Raffaella De Chirico Arte Contemporanea, Torino
2017 Crossroads | Federica Morandi Art Project, Milano
2016 Man through the cites | Hotel TownHouse 70, Torino
2014 BioGrafazio | 77 Art Gallery, Milano
2014 Oroccoccoro Culinary Poster Presentation | Bank restaurant Westminster, London
2013 Drop in London | BCA Architects, London

2021 Summer of expectations | Raffaella De Chirico Arte Contemporanea, Torino
2020 Robotic Man | Independent Artists Gallery, Varese
2019 Urban People / Artificial Landscape | Numas Igra, Basel
2017 From Milan To Osaka, A bridge of feelings to discover the self | Italian Institute of Culture, Osaka
2017 Nuova officina torinese | MAU Museo di Arte Urbana, Torino
2015 Man in the city | Independent Artists gallery, Milano
2015 Torri vs Perego | Fondazione Mazzoleni, Bergamo
2015 Art night out | Indipendent Artists gallery, Milano
2015 Oroccoccoro in Berlin | Werk Kunst Galerie, Berlin
2014 Urban Art, Immaginario Suburbano | Artepassante, Milano
2014 Unpainted World | ArtMeet Gallery, Milano
2014 Index | Hide Gallery, London
2014 Linguaggi del corpo | 77 Art Gallery, Milano

2021 WOP art fair Lugano (CH) | Raffaella De Chirico Arte Contemporanea
2019 Art Market Budapest | Name 1 London Art Gallery
2019 Frame Art Fair Basel | Name 1 London Art Gallery
2018 Luxemburg Art Fair | Independent Artists Gallery
2018 Frame Art Fair Basel | Name 1 London Art Gallery
2017 Affordable Art Fair Milano | Federica Morandi Art Project

2019 Art Akwani | Bazaleti lake, Georgia
2018 SMD Art Foundation, Bramaputra river art festival | Guwahati, Assam, India
2017 Zenith Art and Fashion Gallery | Miami, USA
2017 Ode to life, Petrovic castle | Podgorica, Montenegro

2021 Premio Cramum 8° edizione, Milano (finalist)
2020 Mellone art prize, Fondazione Dario Mellone, Busto Garolfo, VA (finalist)
2018 ContemporaneaMENTI, Fondazione l’Arsenale, Iseo BS (finalist)
2016 Io Espongo, associazione culturale Azimut, Torino (finalist)